Happy Ending

…the greatest influence of Disney to every little girl is the ‘happy ending’.

As a young girl, I always imagine having a happy ending with my handsome prince charming, but Disney is truly far from reality. It is like reaching for a star because in the movies, the first handsome man in your life is the one but in reality it might not be that true.

The happy ending is not always having the first prince charming in your life, but knowing that there was you and him together in the midst of this world is a glimpse of your happy ending.

For me, the happy ending is knowing that we are not meant to be but accepted the fact that there was you and me. Happy ending is not living together forever, but letting go of that prince charming that is meant for another princess.

I believe that somewhere out there, my prince charming is waiting and I don’t need to keep holding on to someone that I know that is not my happy ending.

Start your happy ending today by letting go of someone that stops you to have one.

-Hanna 🙂


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